Easy and profitable money maker.
9:27 PM | Author: allen
The world is such an amazing place and the Internet is such an amazing discovery. But the greatest of all is my laptop computer. Without it I am lost and I definitely would not be here telling you all this.

Now I am proud to say I am self employed and earning a decent living with the help of my dear friend, the Acer Laptop. My working hours are flexible and demanded only 3 hours of my time daily. My monthly income is in 4 figures and I have only been self employed for a year. If I had known it was so easy and practically cost me nothing to embark on it, I would have started it much earlier. But I never knew and nobody told me how easy it is.

Many of us had heard and even read about it. The money-making schemes, the affiliate programs, referal programs, the ebooks, Adsense and numerous others. But are they real? Can we actually make some money from our blogs? Well, the answer is Yes. There are many so called " get rich quick " scams which requires you to purchase books or products but be very careful. Many of these are not worth investing at all. Some may have some basis of certain " plans " which they conceived themselves and may bring some income, others are merely scams.

Google around for some blogs or sites that do not require you submitting any forms of money and read thoroughly its contents. Be wise to know if their contents makes sense or whether others have tried it. Remember that what works for one may not necessarily work for others. Check out those that have many success stories behind them. These are the ones that probably will work.

I have personally tried many and I can also tell you which ones that you ought to try out first. Once you know your way around and become quite competent in blogging, you can Google once more for ways to increase traffic and income. You will be amazed at how many sites and blogs that are willing to teach you what you need to know for no monetary gains.

Before anyone begins to start thinking about becoming rich from the internet business, there are certain steps you have to follow.

The first criteria is to have a blog. A blog is actually a web page where you can write almost anything you like. The most common of these are Blogger.com and Wordpress. They are also free to join. Creating a blog is straight forward. They provide very simple instructions to help you create your first blog. With it comes simple tools to help you "enhance" your blog. Once you have created your first blog, there will be many corrections you inevitably will encounter. Your learning curve starts here. Anyone who tells you that you can start making money is taking a mickey out of you. From this first blog, there are many other things you have to learn. And yes, you do need a little knowledge in this field. Anything you do not know, you just ask " Google search " to help. Your answers are all there. You must master all there is to know about making your sites appealing and interesting. Your money earner lies here. Many have failed to earn any income because their sites do not have interesting content to attract traffic. Learn from other blogs and study how they do it; what subjects they wrote about and how they presented it. Do not write what you like but instead; write what others like. This is what brings in the traffic. You are selling a "product" to the world. Make sure the world likes it and not you alone. Do not write about your baby's growing up or what daily chores. Nobody is interested in " you". Give them good stories, beautiful pictures, interesting subjects, home making ideas or good cooking recipes. One important thing in your blog is to have lots of visual. Take some nice photos to accompany your articles. When I get to "how to increase your traffic" in my next blog " you will know the importance of what I have just said.

You will need about 2 or 3 weeks to get to grasp of how to improve your blog. Then its time to show the whole world your masterpiece and its also time to get those traffics in !